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Instruments & models

A range of remote sensing instrumentation will be mobilized for the campaign and added to the existing in-situ instrumentation that operates at Finokalia station.

PollyXT lidar thumbnail
PollyXT lidar
NOA (Vassilis Amiridis)

The PollyXT lidar is a fully automated instrument capable of 24/7 operation (Engelmann et al., 2016). It is equipped with:

  • Three (3) elastic backscatter ...
Doppler Cloud Radar MIRA-35 thumbnail
Doppler Cloud Radar MIRA-35
CNR-IMAA (Gelsomina Pappalardo)

The pulsed Ka-band cloud radar MIRA-35 (formely named MIRA-36) is unique in performance and durability and delivers a calibrated Doppler spectrum of cloud droplets in ...

HALO wind lidar thumbnail
HALO wind lidar
FMI (Mika Komppula)

The Doppler lidar, with an operational wavelength at 1.5μm, has a vertical resolution of 30m and measures the attenuated aerosol backscatter, doppler velocity and ...

Scanning polarization lidar thumbnail
Scanning polarization lidar
INOE (Doina Nicolae)

The UV depolarization eye-safe Lidar system detects Mie/Rayleigh backscattering from atmospheric molecules and aerosol particles.

The laser emission wavelength is UV 355 nm (20mJ ...

RPG HATPRO Microwave Radiometer thumbnail
RPG HATPRO Microwave Radiometer
INOE (Doina Nicolae)

RPG's profiling radiometers are mainly used to derive vertical profiles of atmospheric temperature and humidity (RPG-HATPRO). The infrared radiometer extension allows to cloud base height ...

CIMEL sunphotometer thumbnail
CIMEL sunphotometer
LOA (Philippe Goloub)

As the only photometer operated by the AERONET international federation of networks since 1992, the CE318 multiband photometer is recognized as the worldwide reference for aerosol observing ...

Yankee UV-MFR radiometer thumbnail
Yankee UV-MFR radiometer
PMOD/WRC (Vassilis Amiridis)

The Model UVMFR-7 Ultraviolet Multi-Filter Rotating Shadowband Radiometer is an instrument that measures diffuse and total global irradiance, and computes direct irradiance at four or ...

PSR sunphotometer thumbnail
PSR sunphotometer
PMOD/WRC (N. Mihalopoulos, Stelios Kazadzis)
CMP - UVB - Pyranometers thumbnail
CMP - UVB - Pyranometers
PMOD/WRC (Julian Gröbner)

The CMP pyranometer is an instrument for measuring the solar irradiance. The sensor measures the solar energy that is received from the total solar spectrum ...

Atlas UAV thumbnail
Atlas UAV
NOA (Haris Kontoes)

ATLAS 8 mini VTOL UAV is a compact UAS solution of high performance and quality. The octacopter system is based on a user friendly approach ...

CAPS PMssa Monitor (red 630nm) thumbnail
CAPS PMssa Monitor (red 630nm)
NCSR “Demokritos” (Prodromos Fetfatzis)

The CAPS PMssa monitor provides simultaneous measurement of both particle-based total optical extinction and scattering, producing a direct measurement of the particle single scattering ...

Horiba 370 gas analyzer thumbnail
Horiba 370 gas analyzer
INOE (Livio Belegante)

The Horiba 370 in situ ambient gas analyzers are designed to continuously monitor atmospheric NOx, SO2, CO, O3, CH4, NMHC and THC concentration within the ...

Magnetometers thumbnail
NOA (Georgios Balasis)

HellENIc GeoMagnetic Array (ENIGMA)

National Observatory of Athens currently operates ENIGMA, the HellENIc GeoMagnetic Array [ ...

JCI 131 Electrostatic Fieldmeter thumbnail
JCI 131 Electrostatic Fieldmeter
UH - CAIR (Joseph Ulanowski)

The JCI 131 Electrostatic Fieldmeter is a compact and robust instrument for the precise measurement of electric fields in adverse environmental conditions. It is particularly ...

PREDE POM-01 sun-sky radiometer thumbnail
PREDE POM-01 sun-sky radiometer
UV (Victor Estelles)

The PREDE POM-01 is an automatic ground based radiometer measuring sun direct and sky diffuse radiance with a 1.0º field of view limiting tube ...

Surface in-situ instrumentation thumbnail
Surface in-situ instrumentation
UOC (Nikos Mihalopoulos)

Ground level measurements of gaseous pollutants (O3, NOx, and CO), various aerosol particle parameters (PM10 mass, mass and number size distributions, optical properties, chemical composition ...

Satellite data

Satellite Institute PI
MSG-SEVIRI dust product UKMO Yaswant Pradhan
MSG RGB-Dust NOA Stavros Solomos

PRE-TECT is supported by operational modeling simulations for the forecasting of meteorological and air quality properties. Forecasting meteorological fields (wind speed, sea level pressure, temperature, cloudiness and backtrajectories) are available at various levels from the atmospheric models WRF_ARW, WRF_NMM and FLEXPART-WRF. Forecast of atmospheric pollutants (dust, smoke, sulphates, seasalt, carbon monoxide) are provided by NMM-DREAM, FLEXPART-WRF, RAMS and MACC-CAMS models. A description of the available forecasts follows below.


Models Institute PI
NMME-DREAM NOA, IPB Stavros Solomos, Slobodan Nickovic
FLEXPART back-trajectories NOA Stavros Solomos
Smoke forecast NOA Stavros Solomos, Haris Kontoes
Weather Research and Forecasting - WRF NOA Stavros Solomos
Sea salt forecast NOA Stavros Solomos
Solar Energy Nowcasting System (SENSE) NOA, PMOD/WRC S. Kazadzis
CAMS CAMS Stavros Solomos, CAMS team


For further information about the campaign please contact Vassilis Amiridis.


This campaign has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654109.


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