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Stavros Niarchos Foundation

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation ( is one of the world’s leading private international philanthropic organizations, making grants in the areas of arts and culture, education, health and sports, and social welfare. The Foundation funds organizations and projects that are expected to achieve a broad, lasting and positive impact for society at large, focusing on vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly, and also exhibit strong leadership and sound management. The Foundation also seeks actively to support projects that facilitate the formation of public-private partnerships as an effective means for serving public welfare. In 2012, the Foundation, in addition to its standard grant-making activities, embarked on three major grant initiatives totaling $378mil (€300 mil) aiming to provide relief support against the severe effects of the deepening socioeconomic crisis in Greece, and to help address the critical issue of youth unemployment. Since 1996, the SNF has made grant commitments of $1.9 billion / €1.6 billion, through 3,706 grants to nonprofit organizations in 111 nations around the world. 2016 marked the twentieth year of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation's global philanthropic activity.

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Today, ANEK LINES belongs to the group of the most modern shipping companies, with a large European presence and great prestige.  By enlarging its commercial network, by creating new routes, enhancing investment opportunities and challenges in the shipping field, by implementing well targeted marketing strategies which take into account all the specific peculiarities of each market, it efficiently and competitively activates its total potential as well as their large sales network and agencies which represent it, in Greece and Europe.

At the same time, ANEK is a socially aware company and has responsibly contributed for years to the community through major environmental, sporting, and cultural sponsorships, it financially supports foundations with social and charitable character, strengthens attempts to preserve the cultural heritage and promote the historical physiognomy of Crete, participating in the touristic promotion of the country. Always practical and distinctive and alongside our fellow man who is in need of its contribution.


For further information about the campaign please contact Vassilis Amiridis.


This campaign has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 654109.


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